[Open-Box Review] WW2 German Sgt by Kevin

Hi folks, continue to add to their range of 75mm figures this time adding a new period (WW2) to the series the subject releases was announced here on PF: http://www.planetfigure.com/threads...gruppe-mitte-jury-1941-from-nutsplanet.79738/ and of course on social media as always

The subject mentions a particular Army Group (Heeresgruppe Mitte) that fought on the horrors of the Eastern Front ..the Middle Army Group , in better climatic conditions initially before the Russian winter caused such chaos alongside supply issues. German forces used a system of coloured edging called waffenfarbe on the uniform epaulettes to distinguish the unit types

Books are plenty here are a couple on both the Army Group Mitte

Here we have references for the subject figure

Lets see what the box holds Details Title: WWII German Sergeant Heeresgruppe Mitte July 1941 Reference: NP 75010 Scale: 75mm Material: Gray Resin No of pieces: 12 Sculptor: Oriol Quin Box Art: Myeong-Ha Hwang

As with all of Nuts releases the box is the distinctive blue one with a colour picture on the top

and side

, parts are held between foam layers with the smaller ones being in a clear bag. Parts consist of the main figure , head , 2 arms , helmet and 6 pieces of equipment plus a base.

Prep This is minimal to say the least with parts having small casting plugs to cut and sand away , nothing major but care will be needed when removing the helmet and the weapon ones though , reference to the box pictures help in the positioning . We will look at the main figure in this part Depicted in the standard uniform our subject stands casually weapon at the ready looking around ( once the arms and head is in place !!!) First impressions are that the sculpting is a little softer and less defined as with other releases, the sculptors style perhaps , saying that the clothing sits quite nicely onto the figure , folds are natural . The jacket has the collar open with a scarf being worn around the neck , the collar has the earlier style insignia Belts are good with nice buckle details with locating holes for the arms and the other parts, buttons are rounded the waist belt has a impression in the middle to fit the grenade. Trousers sit well into the top of the marching boots , these are nicely styled

Head A young looking face the details are very good with nice work on the features like the eyes and the ears with the mouth held shut, the hair shows good texture and shaping , some strands of hair slightly over the forehead . Fit to the neck area is simple and good when in place.

Arms The left sits nicely into the main figure well , careful removing the casting plug on the left one so as not to spoil the shoulder shape , the hand is shown gripping , with the fingers nicely defined , the same comment applies to the right one with this gripping the MP40 very good , the MP40 itself has good details with the folded stock being underneath the weapon , the hand is holding the the grip with the forefinger across the trigger guard.

Helmet Good shaped piece of Resin , fitting to the torso at the middle

IMO it would have been nice to have a helmeted option for the head as well as bareheaded giving the modeller more options Remaining Equipment Note: One of the best references I have is the Militaria Guide 7 from H & C so get yourself a copy if you can

The items supplied include a pistol in the holster , stick grenade , field items including a field pack with the gas mask , shelter quarter, gas cape , and mess tins on one piece , also a bread bag and water bottle as well as a entrenching tool ( spade in cover ) with a bayonet in place also, there is also a 3 sectioned magazine pouch. All items show a good level of details straps , buckles etc are all nicely done , painting will be easier IMO if its done separately and then fitted ( after dry fitting of course) .

Base A simple small base is provided , most will discard or use within a larger groundwork , this is textured on the surface and has rocks strewn about

Final Thoughts I have no doubt this will please the WW2 modeller , IMO sculpting is a little soft in places but this will paint up well , lots of areas to work on , the usual good presentation from Nuts Planet , it would be nice to have a WW1 subject as well .

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