[Open-Box Review] Secret Agent Aida by Michal

I'm back to painting figures and catching up. Today I'll show you an interesting figurine in scale 75mm from Nuts Planet.

Miniature as always in the case of NutsPlanet is packed in a sturdy blue cardboard box. On the box we find the boxart, painted by Ki Yeol Yoon

Inside we will find 7 parts protected by sponge.

The kit also include a simple scenic base. You can use them if you don't want to create your own.

Let's look at same Aida figure. Please note that this model was sculpted digitally. Then printed and cast in resin. For this reason, the pictures below you will notice a lot of fine details.

All the pieces fit together perfectly.

Weapons held by Aida in hand we need to assembly from few elements.

The figurine is ready to paint :)

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