[Open-Box Review] Shield by Kevin

Hi , Nuts Planet and Trigger Miniatures continue to increase the characters in the series , this time we have one called:


The initial 3D version prior to casting was announced here (and on social media)


The subject continues in the style of previous releases in a world that we cannot imagine to be like survival is hard , the law enforcement is even harder , gangs wander the streets and amongst derelict buildings. , people are sleeping rough on anything they can find including mattresses previously in luxury hotels .

Armed with high power weapons and needing protection against toxic gases rising from death filled sewers his purpose out on the streets is to protect his fellow survivors with the police shield ..perhaps he has picked this up after a confrontation ...at least its a bit more protection.

The figure is designed to be used either as an individual or as part of a vignette using the other figures .

Details as follows:

Title: Shield

Reference: T75009

Scale: 75mm(1/24th)

Material: Gray Resin

No of pieces: 10

Sculptor ( using 3D ) : Joo Heum Yoon

Box Art from Ki Yeol Yoon

As always the presentation is in the instantly known dark blue of the box with full colour pictures on the top and sides.

Parts consist of the full figure, face mask , the 2 arms , right hand with 2 weapon options , a clear shield

Base parts include the back wall , actual base piece , drainpipe and a mattress!!


As with previous releases this is minimal:

Figure...Casting block from under feet

Arms... Small casting plugs from top of shoulders , with fine casting lines on the inside to sand away

Hands...Small plug from the axe

Mask...Cut away excess from casting block

Shield...Small remnant from edge

Pipe...Small pieces to cut away

Base piece..Excess from edge to remove

Back wall..As with base

Mattress...Excess resin from back

In this part we will look at the groundwork provided in the box , the remaining parts in the 2nd.

Base piece ...a smooth concreted surface with cracks showing and a manhole cover in place the details are sharp particularly on the manhole , you could almost lift it up !!

There are 4 locating lugs , 2 for the mattress and 2 for the back wall .

Back wall...Fit is easy and very sharp by 2 holes matching perfectly to the lugs on the base , the brickwork is nicely worked with a power junction box being located on to wall with feeder pipes leading from top and bottom , these are again well shown .

Drainpipe ...good shaping and with fit being easy by means of 2 small hole in the wall matching 2 lugs on it

Mattress...this is a great addition to the base ,what or who has slept on it ? , location to the base is by holes matching the 2 lugs , a thick piece sculpted in a natural position bent leaning over at the top , the detail in this is excellent with the surface being torn exposing the filling , there are several "buttons" strewn around all pulling into the mattress nicely .

Main Figure ...the first thing to say is that the way it has been engineered is excellent in particular the hooded area , this is smoothly worked ready to receive the face mask itself . The figure is a "hoody" with this worn over his head , the folds are really nicely shown with the lower edging hanging out under the actual over jacket...... Continuing down this is zipped together , the zip pull is evident together with the pockets all also zipped closed. the surface is clean and with no other details allowing you to add any logos or slogans as you wish The trousers are showing a mass of creases and folds all in the correct place and very natural in positioning in relation to the knee pad on the right , this is a good shape with knocks through wear , the straps pull tightly into the back of the leg, strap details are very good with the buckle of particular note, all show really good undercuts here and also on the pockets ( 1 on each thigh, both same in style The left leg has a bandage around the knee area well shaped and again pulling into the leg well .

Arms ...looking at the right one first sculpted hanging down with no actaul hand again showing the high level of skill in sculpting the folds , at the lower arm there is a wrapping of bandages with a good underpiece , fit to the shoulder is good , no filler needed on both arms.

Left arm.. this is a really clever bit of work with the arm again hanging down, the detail of the hand holding the shield support is wonderful , this has 4 contact point for the perspex shield itself .

Shield ...a well shaped piece of clear perspex , slightly flexible and rounded ..fit is accurate to the base plate being held in the hand ( I am sure ex soldiers will recognise something similar!!)

Face Mask....this is a gas mask in style with the filter being in place , this having sections being lined , eyepieces are nicely done with the fit to the hooded area being spot on ....no flesh work on this figure to paint apart from the hands !!!

Right hand...this is gripping his only weapon ..... and we have been given a choice of 2 1 an axe the other a machine pistol type....nice touch NutsPlanet and Trigger . The axe that to be honest looks lethal again the work of the hand gripping is excellent , the axe shape is good with almost a sharp edge , the fit to the arm is clean and tight with the position being the axe is slightly horizontal ready for use.

The other being a machine pistol , really nice details on the actual weapon and of course the hand gripping it is as with the axe ..sharp definition .

Final Thoughts The series continues in the same vein ...excellent quality in both sculpting and in casting , sharply done , well presented . A clever addition which works well within the series ..the only limit being your imagination in depicting these.

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