[Open-Box Review] Belford by Kevin

Hi everyone Time to share a release now this one was announced here on PF and I was one of many that admired it at Euro 2016. http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/belford-from-trigger.80369/ continue to increase their subjects in the Trigger series we have:

The scene is the post hell of war when the land was ruled by fear with individuals patrolling the streets armed against any attacks , some have cyborg like attachments giving them a robotic like image and strength to carry on the fight for survival, the streets are littered with debris.

One thing to note about the series is the excellent base work we have seen on previous releases ..this one is no different in that we have a car door!!

Details of the release:

Details as follows: Title: Belford Reference: T750010 Scale: 75mm(1/24th) Material: Gray Resin No of pieces: 13 Sculptor ( using 3D ) : Francesco Farabi Box Art: Joo Heum Yoon As always the presentation is in the distinctive dark blue of the box with full colour pictures on the top and sides.

Parts consist of the main figure ( less right leg) , the right leg itself , 2 arms , a bag , 2 straps for the bag , the weapon , the weapon sight , goggles, belt equipment , a car mirror , the base with a car door cast on it. One good thing to note is that the rifle is on a backing piece as its quite delicate ..nice one Nuts on this.

Prep This is easy with the casting blocks being located in easy to get to areas , the right leg needs a very fine casting line sanded from the back fitting is simple as are the arms , suffice to say minimal filler will be needed. The rifle scope is delicate and will need careful fitting ...don't drop it !!! Smaller parts are either on formers or small blocks all easy to deal with . Goggles can be fitted when you wish. The bag she carries has a small cutout each side to fit the straps. There is a cylinder type item which has a strap cast this is the " fuel" for the robotic arm and links to this. Lets look at the base first Consisting some groundwork on which we have a rather battered car door , you will need to fit the mirror ..if you wish to of course ...this base gives the painter another opportunity to go wild with ideas, you could also add some broken "glass" as well in the car window.

Main Figure The first thing to note is that this is a rather delicate looking female , with a almost manga style hair , nicely proportioned in the upper torso with really long legs.

Our subject wears a figure hugging top displaying her charms to great effect , across her body there is a strap , nicely worked . Facial features are delicate and really cleanly shown , the hair falls nicely onto her shoulders with the hair strands being sharply cast. The lower torso has her wearing little shorts again hugging her body , nice fine details on the pockets at the back as well . these shorts lead down to the very long legs , the left has a bandage on the knee area ..nice little addition ...this lady has been in the wars!!!. Moving down to the footwear..... ankle socks and sneakers/sports shoes are the order of the day with the laces being well done. There are very good locating cutouts for the arms and the right leg .

Arms One arm is human , delicate as in keeping with the body type , there is a short sleeve with a watch at the wrist.

The other arm is robotic and a mass of cogs and pistons , nicely sculpted with the fingers almost bone in shape ..perhaps the fingers are from a looted morgue!

Car Mirror ,small adjustable spanner, bag strap, goggles (order in picture ) All show good details , the mirror housing sits well to the actual door , the strap has a buckle , the spanner is a little gem you could almost use it!!, the goggles are a good shape like ski items

This is the "fuel" for the robotic arm an air container perhaps , with a strap , fit to the rear of the torso is simple and adds more interest. The Bag again has some good details , with tools ( including a spanner and maybe a ruler ) the sides are holding cylinders , with the front having "D" rings there as well.

The Weapon and the Sight This is the dangerous end of this lady no doubt she is a sniper and skilled in the use , the weapon itself could be lased on modern weapons in use currently , lightweight and lethal . Great details on the weapon parts and the working mechanism . The hand is gripping the grip , finger over the trigger for safety but ready to squeeze it into action as well .

The sight again shows the same high level of details , a little finicky to put on but very impressive when in situ

Final Thoughts This is another good addition to the series , anew sculptor to me and who has produced a classy piece of work , it will I am sure be well received and seen not only as an individual piece but with others in street scenes. Well presented and well upto the usual high standard we have come to expect from Nuts Planet . The painting can be as simple or as intricate as the modeller wiahes , lots of details to get to grips with .

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