[Open-Box Review] Big Adventure by Kevin

Hi to one and all, I ask myself why do we all love this hobby ...well its easy to answer ...it's FUN , leading the way with this release is the Korean company The model was announced here: http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/nutsplanet-s-new-release-of-may.78244/

As you can see we are on the dark high seas with a couple of pirates and rather fun filled ones at!!! that. There are 2 characters the proverbial Captain with his beard and patch over his eye holding up a lantern high into the darkness shining some light ......so his " crew" can see to paddle .......have they been thrown off his ship as the Captains command is a barrel ...previously full of rum perhaps but now very empty !!! The waves lap up all around the barrel with the crew ....of one paddling determined with a spade...maybe our intrepid pirates have previously hidden treasure in the thoughts !!! Details Title: Big Adventure Reference: NP-54001 Scale: 54mm No of pieces: 10 Material: Gray Resin Sculptor: Jonatan Monerris Box Art Myeong-Ha Hwang The sculptor is new to Nuts but has worked for other companies as well , good to have a new name with Nuts Planet ...welcome As with all of Nuts releases the strong cardboard box is used with high resolution colour on the top and one of the sides .

Parts consist of the Captain ( full figure) , a crew ( half figure) , 2 arms, 2 halves of a barrel a cutlass, the lantern a spade and a base.

Prep Captain..Small plugs on feet and excess resin on the left coat edge Crew...Casting plug from underneath Barrel pieces ..Casting plug on each Remaining pieces .... Small plugs to remove ( Arms/weapons/spade/lantern) Base...Casting plug from underneath All very minimal work , well positioned and easy to deal with . I will look at the base and barrel first then the remaining parts later Base This has been sculpted as the sea good idea you could always do additional work on it ie adding spray etc using various products. the centre has a large round cut out ready to receive the ship in the shape of a barrel .

Barrel In 2 pieces as seen with a easy job to fit together.and into the base , planking has been worked nicely both inside and of course on the outside , nice surface work , there is a iron band around the barrel. We have some good details including on one side a rope and a bit of sail draped hanging over the edge, a small cannon ball as well , the material has some nicely formed folds.and good definition on the rope itself.

On the other side there is a bit more rope and a chain which leads up to the left arm of the rower, muscular with a armet at the wrist

The Captain This is without doubt a fun filled sculpt , from the top of his tricorn to the wooden leg , he stands proud as if on his poop deck on his now long gone ship. determined to see into the black and sinister darkness of the sea and the night, the lantern held aloft a cutlass in hand ready to repel boarders !!! The tricorn is well worn with cuts , coming out of the crown there is a scarf . leading down to the face , ...just full of character you can almost hear him talk , not much flesh to deal with or eyes as there is a pirate patch ( of course!!) over one eye , nose and eyebrows are well worked on but looking down we have what can only be described as an awesome beard , bushy and great textures almost 75% down his chest .

This fellow is rotund as befits a captain ...enjoying the spoils of his adventures , around his waist there is a sash , nicely positioned and straining a little , tucked into this a pistol ready and willing to be used. The legs are suitable well formed one the left has a wooden leg on the end ( the leg long lost to the seas perhaps thanks to a shark!) , the wood is well shown ( perhaps this was once on a dining table in his cabin ) The right leg is high booted the top folded down good undercuts are around this. Our Captain has a long coat on over ballooning trousers , everywhere I looked folds are spot on , with the coat seam being evident at the back , the cuffs have lacework on them ( perhaps a looted item from a captured ship) All in all a great little figure well position and a great pose , even though this command he has is not all the ship he stands ready to repel boarders .

The "Crew" Although half a figure as he is in the barrel this has a great bit of charm , he has a bandana on his head , the facial features have a determined look and are full of details from his cheeks to the almost grinning eyes , , great eyebrows ..very distinctive , a good set of teeth well sculpted , a chin jutting forward and a cracking set of whiskers ,nice surface work. Around his neck there is a knotted scarf , he has a waistcoat on , the remaining body is bare...a nice touch is the slightly large stomach ...a well fed pirate, around his waist his trouser top is ruffled The right arm needs to be fitted then the figure married up with the cast on arm on the barrel. this is easy as more than sufficient cutouts are provided at the shoulder. A great companion figure to the Captain ...again full of cheeky charm and fun .

Final Pieces now Arms ...one for each of the figures , one iis bare well muscled the other has the cuffed sleeve , both fit easily to the figures and look really good .

Spade.. this is being used as an oar,,,,poor crew!!! ...a long handle with a nicely shaped spade , the left hand is sculpted onto the handle , easy to fit in position.

The Cutlass ...a thick bladed weapon , almost cartoony in shape which really fits well into the scene , again a hand has been sculpted holding it.

Lantern...this is a nice shape , long with a large ring for a handle , well sculpted ...a challenge to paint the light .

Final Thoughts This is a real FUN filled piece and has you smiling from the moment you look at the box art to the time you see the very high quality resin castings , extremely well sculpted and well cast . A really good addition to the Nuts range ...giving the modeller what he wants ...QUALITY in all areas and FUN at the bench . I hope we see more of this thing from them , perhaps a gun crew or maybe a ships cook ?? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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