[Open-Box Review] Butcher Sawblade by Kevin

Hi there , After a bit of a break to recharge my batteries its time to get the reviews to you all so what better way to start than to look at something from Nuts Planet , the smallish Korean company with a massive reputation. In my thoughts fantasy can be at times quite gory allowing the painter to really go to town with the finishes and painting effects and there could be no better subject than the one from NutsPlanet/Trigger Miniatures it is of course

Butcher Sawblade

Just looking at the box art will make the fantasy painters go all happy what have as a subject which can only be described as not someone I would like my daughter to bring back to meet...lol

He is a Champion of the Ettin Fanatics and that is what he looks like...a real butcher and fanatic , covered in blades and equipment having just despatched an enemy who lies strewn at his feet.

Shipping is fast as always with the presentation being the now instantly recognised blue box with a colour picture on the top and one of the sides , the resin is sandwiched between foam layers safely protecting these parts , the smaller ones being in small bags.

Details as follows:

Title: Butcher Sawblade - Champion of Ettin Fanatics

Reference: TBS006

Scale: 75mm(1/24th)

Material: Gray Resin

No of pieces: 17

Sculptor ( using 3D ) : Joo Heun Yoon

Box Art from Ki Yeol Yoon

Fantasy sculptors have the added bonus of not be restrained by uniforms and this certainly shows in this sculpt the sheer imagination and thought processes that have been used results isna mass of details and story telling .

Parts include,the main figure, right leg , left arm , right arm ( one chain saw for main figure and the other an Axe for the base figure) the "hands" , chain saw , equipment ( total of 8 various pipes, pack and pieces) and a base.

The Base is worth a special mention as not only is there groundwork there is also his victim embedded into it so with this model you get 2 for 1 ...giving you even more pleasure at the bench.

Prep ...all pieces have small casting plugs to remove , all are very easy to do so , there are a lot of small parts and it perhaps would have been good to have a small fitment diagram especially if this is your first fantasy piece, you could of course refer to the pictures on the website as well

In this part we will look at the main figure and the base

Firstly the Main Figure

The figure is a mass of detail everywhere you look beginning with the head , this is masked with many viewing covers and breathing filters , under this we have a human type head , ears are seen with the hair swept back , literally every time you look you will see something different and detailed.

The torso is very muscular and held together by stitching this is really nicely defined and makes me wonder whats underneath!!.

The hip area is again full of details with there being "grenade" type weapons being fitted to banding , this continues down the legs, the legs itself is full of sharp points , weapons and pouches m these are additionally detailed with small skulls, the feet also has a heck of a shoe with a stabbing point and a skull held on by chains....all screaming detail detail detail.

The Base now , as I said this is in effect a 2nd figure , our victim is well sculpted using 3D the facial features are Orc like with long upright teeth ..lethal looking in their own right, with head armour , the body is covered in additional protection , the undercuts are very good , the actual groundwork being rocky . of note is the thought gone into the arm this has been severed with the various veins and liquid( blood?) hanging out , the lower hand is a separate piece with a axe.

On now to the remaining pieces Looking now at the victims lower hand , this is a gauntlet type , powerful is sculpt and with very dangerous looking knuckle pieces ...but all this protection was to no avail ..it has been cut off!! ...again we have the various veins and tubes hanging out the arm , all nicely done ...this just oozes gore ..the Axe has a small amount of flashing to remove near the shaft but boy what an axe , the blade is sharp and has cuts into the edge , great definition . The shaft of the axe is another strong bit of work , the back has a horrific set of points on it ...all very fearsome indeed.

The Left Arm again shows really good details as in keeping with the whole figure itself , the hands are scissor like implements , dangerous looking again and extremely well cast full of tubes and various . The same thought is with the remaining pieces , an amazing amount of detail everywhere you look , the equipment , a cylinder , the pipes (filtering out the putrid air) The Chain saw is almost working its that good , the teeth of the blade are really nicely done with what looks like a rotating set in the middle as well ...no escape from our champions weapons I think!!

Final Thoughts Without doubt a painters piece absolutely rammed full of details everywhere you look , a bit gruesome for some maybe , but the painting can be as messy and bloody and full of gore as you want . I must mention the casting this is excellent and compliments the amount of 3D sculpting talent . If Fantasy is your thing ..this is for you if not why not step out that comfort zone and try this .....hours of fun at the bench and a very impressive model at the end result .

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