March 15, 2017

These figures turned up in their sturdy, dark blue boxes, each adorned with the boxart painted by Ki Yeol Yoon and are part of the ever growing Trigger series.

As always parts are contained within ziplock bags and nestled between layers of foam. These are 75mm (1/24 scale) miniatures digitally sculpted by Joo Heum Yoon and cast in high quality polyurethane resin.



Firstly, sculpt and cast is amazing. Both miniatures are full of intricate and crisp detailing...

March 15, 2017

Hi ,

We all know that the napoleonic period is full of subjects that have been released and now Nuts Planet in collaboration with Fer Miniatures have released the one we will look at here .

As you can see we have a drummer from a very famous napoleonic unit the 28th North Gloucestershire Regt at the Battle of Quatre Bras

A collaboration between


The battle itself was was fought on the 16the June 1815 between Ney and Wellington and was a very hard pressed battle which itself was the prelude to W...

March 15, 2017

Hi to all ,

We are all aware of the popularity of the products from Nuts Planet alongside Trigger using 3D sculpting.
Recently released was of course a rather dangerous looking female in the shape of our review subject , she was announced here on PF

Details of the review piece:

Title: Sharpshooter Kelley 

Scale: 75mm (1/24th)

Reference: T75005

Material: Gray Resin

No of pieces: 15

Sculptor: Joo Huem Yoon (3D Tech...

April 27, 2016

Hello to all out there in Figure land,


We all know that  is amongst one of the companies that has made such an impact into our miniature world working with top sculptors and equally the top painters we all admire the skills of amongst these we have from Nuts Planet Myeon-Ha Hwang and a new painter to them a rather talented lady painter she is of course Pepa Saavedra


Both have their own styles and we shall see how they painted the bust later on ....either way it will be a burs...

April 27, 2016

Hi everyone , 

Nuts Planet have moved into WW1 with the Ist of 2 new releases ( the 2nd was reviewed 

What are we looking at here: 


Title: North Somerset Yeomanry Major of British Cavalry in WW1 

Reference: NP-i001

Scale: 1/10th

Material: Gray Resin

No of parts: 3 plus a colour card ( painting references) 

Sculptor: Jun-Sik Ahn

Box Art: Myeong-Ha Hwang

The review item was sent with the other release with the usual speed and efficiency we always see from Nuts Planet  .

We will hav...

April 27, 2016

Hi to one and all,

It always good to see a new release especially from the Korean company Nuts Planet and this is what we are looking at in this review .

What are we talking about well its this : 

As always in my reviews lets have a bit of background on the North Somerset Yeomanry particularly in WW1 as this is the era .


The regiment formed part of the 1st South Western Mounted Brigade which was administered from Salisbury in Wiltshire.


24 joined on 6th April 1908

166 joined on 11th April 1909


April 27, 2016

The last, fifth part of the adventure with the project "Humanoid". I spent a lot of time with him. I invite you to watch.


Now I had to prepare very small detail. Butterfly who sat on the weathered, great robot hand. Butterfly designed for me, my five year old daughter. It was a big fun :)

I decided to improve this project :) The easiest way was to find drawings of butterflies in the Google search engine. These drawings I've moved to MS Word. For this purpose, I used metodu CTRL + C and CTRL + V....

April 27, 2016

The end of this project is getting closer. I was able to paint the figurine of the dog and put it already on the diorama. This time it will be a short "step by step" but I hope you will like it. It was my first in my life using a  NMM (Non Metallic Metal) technique. Clumsy but the end result is satisfactory for me.

At the beginning I remind some pictures from the process of assembling dog figurine.


To paint left me only the robot and the final touches of details. See you in the last fifth part...

April 27, 2016

The third SBS part of mini-diorama from Nuts Planet - "HUMANOID". This time, I focused on the scenic base. Enjoy watching :)


I decided to change the original cables from the kit on the guitar strings.


Now they left me to paint robot and his companion dog. All comments and ideas are welcome. Leave them in the comments section:)



April 27, 2016

The next SBS part of mini-diorama from Nuts Planet - "HUMANOID". This time, I focused on the huge robot hand. It will be the main element of the whole scene. Painting it was great fun with weathering. The whole took me about 7 hours. Enjoy watching :)


The photos were also shoot at different types of lighting. Hence the apparent differences in color. Please also read these few words between photos and click on links to other articles because they complement the whole. I hope that this w...

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